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One of  our favorite phrases at Purple House Project PA is "I got you sis!"  To us, that means everything from connecting you to essential resources that aid in the healing process to holding space while you navigate social services and cheering you on as you slay your goals.  Below please find a list of the resources we offer.  This is not an exhaustive  list, so if you don't see what  you need, feel free to call us, and we will do our best to support you.

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What We Do...


Purple House Project PA offers  presentations to diverse audiences. Here is a brief list of our presentations:

  • Am I ready to date?

  • Pieces of Me Intersection of Intimate Partner Violence

  • HIV 

Prevention Meets Fashion

Clothing insecurity is often the greatest need our clients face. To combat this need, we refer clients to Prevention meets fashion. There, clients are able access the affirming fashion closet and receive multiple articles of clothing and undergarments.

Click this link to complete referral:  

Purple house Project PA partners with Transistions4life to offer emotional support animal assessments to women impacted by intimate partner violence 

A few years ago our founder learned about the significance of the semi colon. The semicolon is used to symbolize strength and overcoming trauma. At purple house project we believe that when a client share HERstory;  they can aid in the healing process for themselves and others. We do this through our Peer support program
Women impacted by intimate partner violence have the opportunity to speak with other women about lived experiences. This allows them to learn Coping strategies and create camaraderie.


Educating the public about policies that directly impact their lives. Purple House Project PA works closely with lawmakers to create legislation that is designed to protect individuals from DV and supporting survivors. We do this as a community partner of crime survivors for safety and justice 

Purple House Project PA partners with Moore 4 More Inc. to provide 
Financial literacy workshops and coaching for Women impacted by intimate partner violence.

As a survivor of DV, I use my voice to advocate for change and to pray that others in these situations come out of them!  Purple House Project PA Inc. will be at the [Pennsylvania] Capitol today, [June 13, 2023] along with others who are making a difference! #SurvivorsSpeakPA


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