• Boundary Span, LLC

    Boundary Span, LLC specializes in public health, criminal justice, domestic violence and homelessness.

  • Transitions4Life

    Lakeeya Thornton created Transitions4Life to support any client in a life transition on their own terms. She provides humanness, transparency and unconditional positive regard.

  • The Mending Space Therapy

    Tiffany Hall provides individual, couple and online therapy to those in and around the Philadelphia, PA area. The Mending Space Therapy is used as a healing space for those struggling to find balance in their lives.

  • Delaware County Professional Services

    DCPS is located in Delaware County as well as Philadelphia in order to provide services to the communities and help individuals receive behavioral health services, that is also cost-effective.

  • Prevention is Key Consulting, LLC

    Prevention is Key Consulting, LLC is a sexual health consulting business that provides inclusive and supportive sex education, consultation and training services. Our Mission: Destigmatizing Shame around Sexual & Reproductive Health through Education

  • Restorative Therapy

    My mission is to provide you with the tools necessary to thrive in your personal life, workplace, and relationships.

  • Set in Soul

    All products carried in Set In Soul are put together with the care of self-healing, empowerment and the effort to launch every individual to their next level of betterment. 

Transitions 4 Life
Prevention is Key Consulting, LLC
Restorative Therapy


  • Gymratz Athletics

    Gymratz has a mission to motivate and education individuals around health and fitness. They offer classes, nutritional counseling, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Greater Philadelphia YMCA

    YMCA offers group classes, child care, swim lessons, camps for kids, and community programming. YMCA has financial assistance programs and silver sneakers program for older adults.


  • 12th Glow

    12th Glow was born out of journey in self care, which offers wellness workshops, events, self care tips and birth doula services.

  • Redefining Wealth Podcast

    Listen on Spotify or Apple podcasts. Redefining wealth talks about finding fulfillment, life's purpose and how to chase it.

  • Gabby O'Neill

    Gabby O'Neill, MSW, RYT is a 200 hr registered yoga teacher, with a passion for helping others. She is currently in the process of creating her own health coaching business, where she'll use yoga and other healing modalities to help women heal. Her mission is to empower women to embody healthy relationships with themselves--body, mind and spirit. She's currently open to teaching new clients virtual yoga, either one-on-one or in small group classes. Gabby can be reached by email or through her Instagram page: @gabzhealthcoaching

Gabby O'Neill


  • Primerica

    Kenneth E Johnson offers supports around investments, savings and term life insurance.

  • Moore 4 More, Inc.

    Founded in 2018, Kristina works to address the lack of financial education and motivation in the lower income communities. Kristina's goal is to educate, empower and encourage individuals through financial literacy and opportunities.









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